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Up to 1m
Full sun

A sun loving bromeliad with bright yellow, orange and red tones. If grown in shade, then it will turn green.

Full sun

A truly spectacular bromeliad which performs best when grown in full sun. The deep red colour is most predominant during the cooler months of of the year and bit more on the green side during summer. Will grow to 1m width and 1m height in pot or garden.

Min.temp: Frost free
Part shade

Crypanthus are a fascinating genus of the Bromeliaceae family. They are easy to grow and particularly hardy, either in ground or when grown in pots. Adds a wonderful splash of colour around rockeries or logs in shady areas of the garden.

Part shade

A bright coloured medium sized bromeliad with lime green leaves with red splotchy streaks. Does best in bright filtered light and minimal feeding. This neo is a hybrid of 'Hades' x 'Mercury' by Margaret Peterson (in Australia).

30 to 40cm
Part shade

An outstanding small bromeliad which produces bright pink bracts or quills during summer, with small blue or mauve flowers. Can be grown in pots, atop logs and rocks, or as a ground cover in part shade areas (protected from hot afternoon sun).