50 to 100cm
Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Part shade / shade

A cold hardy bird's nest fern suitable for growing in most parts of Australia. Can grow up to 1m wide and 1m high. An easy to look after pot plant or garden plant. The A. antiquum is hardier and more compact than the common bird's nest fern (A. nidus).

Part shade / Shade

A small fine-leafed fern with silvery white rhizomes that tend to creep along the surface of the soil or surround the pot that it is planted in. Highly suitable for hanging baskets to show off the matted web of silver white rhizomes.

Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Part shade

An Australian native fern with dark green leathery fronds and long spreading hairy rhizomes. The low-growing spreading habit makes this fern ideal as a ground-cover or in hanging baskets. Will grow up trees in a shady humid spot. Very hardy.

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Part shade / shade

Create your own moss garden with this hardy moss. Suitable for damp areas in shady spots. Will quickly cover the soil, rocks, logs or stone statues provided there is consistent moisture.


A beautiful fern with soft, fluffy bright green fronds. The fern can be planted indoors or outdoors in containers or hanging baskets.

60 to 90cm

A beautiful fern with blue-green foliage for shady spots in the garden. Can also be grown in pots or hanging baskets on patios out of direct sun.