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Filtered sun / shade

A hardy fast growing fern for shady spots in the garden. Its a great filler plant which is sure to add a touch of the tropics to your garden. Silver Lady can also be grown in pots on patios out of direct sun.

5 to 10m
Min.temp: Frost free
Full sun to part shade

A fast-growing single trunked tall and elegant tree fern with long spreading fronds which creates a wonderful canopy. The Australian Tree Fern is sure to add a tropical rainforest feel to your garden.

Part shade / Shade

Upright flat 'strappy' fronds with fully crested tops and frilly edges. A Queensland native fern, suitable for part shade to full shade. A very easy to grow and hardy ground cover, or specimen pot plant - indoors or out.

30 to 60cm
Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Part shade / shade

A highly sought after fern with attractive glossy strappy leaves which resemble that of a crocodile skin. Its a hardy, easy to grow fern suitable for partly shaded garden beds. Can also be grown as a pot plant on verandas or brightly lit spots indoors.