Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Part shade to heavy shade

A low growing ginger with striking silver striped foliage which produces pink sprays of flowers in Spring. Alpinia pumila makes a fantastic slow spreading ground cover in shady areas. Very cold tolerant.

Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegated Shell Ginger'
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1 to 1.5m
Part shade / Shade

A hardy landscaping plant with tough variegated foliage. Produces hanging flowers in Spring. Great under-storey filler and pot plant.

0.5 to 1m
Medium to heavy shade

A beautiful colour-contrasting understorey plant. Waxy leaves with dark green tops and deep burgundy undersides. White and pink flowers cradled within the dark coloured foliage.

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50 to 80cm
Part shade / shade

A small compact costus with bright yellow flowers atop thin spiralling stems with fine hairs. A great under-story ginger for for shady spots in the garden.

0.5 to 1m
Part shade / shade

A relatively small ginger with wonderful velvety leaves and red and yellow flowers. A great under-storey ground cover and filler. Deciduous in cool climates.

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0.5 to 1m
Part shade / Shade

A fantastic ginger which flowers nearly year round. Bright red bracts with orange flowers. Great in any garden or pot. The orange day flowers are edible which make a zesty addition to your garden salads.