Tropical foliage

Part shade / Shade

A very hardy indoor plant, suitable for indoor pots or shady spots in the garden. It has quite a big root system which is what makes it particularly tough and drought tolerant. Competes well in areas with high competition, ie around palms and bamboo.

30 to 50cm
Part shade / Shade

A new calathea to our collection, and a real collectors item. A stunning foliage plant which can be used as an under-story plant or indoor pot plant.

1.5 to 3m
Full sun to part shade

One of the largest and most spectacular of the elephant's ears which can grow up to 3m tall with leaves over a meter long. Thought to be a natural crossing of A. macrorrhizos and C. esculenta.

Part shade / Shade

An evergreen perennial with spectacularly coloured leaves . A great ground-cover in warm climates, or indoor / patio plant in cooler climates. Prefers moist shady areas.

30 to 50cm
Min.temp: Frost free
Part shade / Bright filtered light

The Asian Pitcher Plant is by far one of the most ostentatious carnivorous plant. The large colourful traps hang down making it a great candidate for a brightly lit window sill, hanging basket, or planted in a stump in the garden.

Part shade

Tough foliage plant with purple backed leaves and unusual wheat coloured flowers. A beautiful accent plant in any tropical garden or pot plant on patio or verandah.

60 to 80cm
Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Part shade / shade

A fantastic plant in pots indoors or on patios.