Tropical foliage

Min.temp: Tolerates frost
Grows best in near full sun / part shade.

An unusual and fascinating plant which will have one giant divided leaf atop a mottled fleshy stem. After a few years, it will produce large plum coloured flowers which are highly fragrant. Corms are edible and can be used to treat obesity.

0.5 to 1m
Full sun to part shade

A perennial with flat, fan-like arrangement of leaves with small star shaped speckled flowers. Grows well in moist, well drained positions in full sun. The rhizomes have important medicinal properties which have been traditionally used in China.

2 to 5m
Min.temp: 5°C
Part shade

The vanilla vine is actually a climbing orchid which produces the valuable vanilla pods. Quite large green/yellow flowers are produced which must be hand pollinated in order for them to produce the vanilla pods.