A traditional Indonesian instrument which originated in West Java. Bamboo tubes are made to have a resonant pitch when rattled, and are tuned in octaves. Instrument is played by rattling individual frames.

These pumps are unique and have built in flow adjusters, small internal pre-filters and threaded intake for optional external sponge pre filters. They are ideal for patio ponds, statues, waterfeatures and hydroponics.

Replacement impellor and shaft for the AquaPro AP1050 waterfeature pump.

Bamboo Charcoal Fibre socks have the advantage of absorbing toxins through the soles of your feet. The loosely fitting top is non-restrictive to circulation and is therefore suitable for diabetics or people with circulation problems.

The ultimate in comfort and anti-odour. Warm in winter, cool in summer, soft and comfortable. The bamboo yarn contains nano bamboo charcoal technology which helps to keep feet dry and odour free. Ribbed band on foot for less movement and better fit.

Bamboo Cleaner is designed specifically to clean bamboo prior to applying Bamboo Protector and Rejuvenator. Bamboo Cleaner will remove fungi and mould growths along with other dirt that builds up on the surface.

A soft and comfortable business or dress sock. Naturally anti-bacterial fibre which eliminates foot odour.

From $12.00

Quality hairbrush with beautifully crafted bamboo handle and bamboo bristles. Go green! Environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.

From $40.00

Single sided bamboo panels. These panels are made from the highly prized 'Java Black' bamboo.

From $40.00

Single sided yellow (natural) bamboo panels.

Capping which will neatly finish off the top of bamboo panel fencing. Simply fits over the tops of the panels.

From $8.00

The usual properties of bamboo fibre in a low cut sport sock.

Bamboo protector and rejuvenator has been specifically developed for treating bamboo products. It will help protect the bamboo and assist in retaining the natural colour of the bamboo by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering.

Split bamboo with ease with these heavy duty splitters. Great for bamboo crafts such as making your own baskets, blinds, etc.

Split bamboo with ease with these heavy duty splitters. Great for bamboo crafts such as making your own baskets, blinds, etc.

Novelty bamboo water features with plenty of character! The flowing water turns the wheel which sets the little bamboo man in motion. We have 3 variants - man riding a bike, man rowing boat, and man sawing a log.

Bamboo You Chest and Throat Rub for assistance with congestion, sore throat and runny noses.

The silica in the bamboo extract along with other essential oils will aid the repair of cracked heels and other broken areas of the skin.

Bamboo You Liniment for aches, sprains and tight muscles.

For cuticle repair and strengthening nails. With the richest source of silica known for strengthening nails in combination with our other ingredients that help with skin repair, we know we have Nailed It!

Bamboo You Salve for cuts, grazes and insect bites. This revolutionary Salve contains bamboo extract, high quality essential oils and natural ingredients. This combination gives you a salve to keep handy for those little accidents that occur.

Natural quality ingredients all packed into one jar. The ingredients have the ability to have a calming effect on irritated skin.

Are you having trouble deciding which Tooza Bamboo You product you would like to trial first? Looking for the perfect gift? Your problem is solved! All six Bamboo You products now in one convenient gift pack!

Perfect size seat for small patio, verandah or pergola.

A 10 piece Bonsai kit all beautifully made and finished in Japan. High carbon steel tools with a small fold up pruning saw and brush. Comes in a vinyl roll lined in red velvet with a cotton flap that goes over the tools before they're rolled up.

Beautifully made high quality tools for bonsai enthusiasts. Comes in a fold up case.

A compact all in one 3 bowl stack. Suitable for verandas or balconies. Best when off the ground on a pedestal (sold separately).

A free standing relief water feature made from reinforced concrete. The gently cascading water is incredibly calming. Comes in two pieces - vertical relief is separate to the water trough / base.

An elegant water feature with water gently flowing down the rippled face of the water feature. Creates a nice unintrusive trickling sound.

A nice rustic style solid teak coffee table with bottom shelf.

High quality natural leather twin pouch to hold your secateurs and folding saw. Clip to your belt to keep your tools safe and at hand when needed. The thick leather will create a nice snug fit to prevent secateurs and saw from falling out.

From $4.00

Reduce your impact on the environment whilst maintaining good oral hygiene. The Eco-Toothbrush is the easy choice. Fully biodegradable handle and bristles - when its time to retire your brush, throw it in your compost rather than the bin.

From $30.00

A quality, balanced fertiliser that combines organic and inorganic elements. This premium fertiliser is particularly suitable for lawns, palms and bamboo due to its higher levels of nitrogen and added iron.

The massive Big Boy 360mm folding made by Silky in Japan is perfect for camping and four-wheel driving enthusiasts or pruning large tree branches around the house and garden. A big saw able to tackle medium to large branches. Incredible cutting capacity.

Holster for the Silky BigBoy 2000 folding saw.

A folding saw with large teeth particularly suited to fast and aggressive cutting of branches.

A robust and high quality general purpose pruning saw. This is a genuine best-seller with aggressive yet smooth cutting action. Straight bladed saws are better for cutting in and amongst tight growth; particularly well suited to thinning out bamboo.

The Katanaboy is possibly the largest folding saw in the world which is truly a jaw dropping sight when extended. A very serious tool for the serious 4-wheel drivers. Will cut large trees and branches up to 30 or 40cm diameter!!

A high quality pocket sized folding saw available in 4 different tooth sizes. Pocket Boys are supplied in a perspex carry case that can be clipped to the belt.

Double holster for secateurs and folding saws 270-300mm.

A somewhat quirky and playful water-feature which is sure to get some attention in the garden. Looks great when set up so that the water gets spurted out into a pool or pond, or into a waterbowl as shown here.

A certified bio organically sustainable alternative to chemical fertilisers, which offers a complete balance of nutrients including good bacteria and microbes for continued soil health.

Hand carved lavastone garden lights with laminated glass. The natural and earthy feel of these lights truly complement tropical garden designs.

Hand carved lavastone lanterns. The interior cavity of the lantern is 135 x 135mm so plenty of room for light fittings or live candles within glass vases.

Brilliant general purpose pruning saw for the professional user or home gardener. Includes new style hold fast scabbard with rollers to lock your Gomtaro in place.

Tsurugi is the Japanese name of a traditional long sword, which very adequately describes this very functional pruning saw. This saw is a proper weapon when thinning out tight clumps of bamboo or delicate and precise pruning of fruit trees and shrubs.

The ZÜBAT Professional is one of Silky's most popular curved pruning saws; suitable for all pruning and trimming tasks, including cutting large branches. Curved saws work exceptionally well when cutting above your shoulders or below the waist.

From $150.00

These pagodas are expertly carved from solid lavastone (Volcanic Stone). Being made from natural stone means they will stand the test of time and their appearance will only improve with age. If kept in a shade spot, they tend to get moss growing on them.

From $125.00

Traditional Buddha statues hand carved out of natural lava stone (Volcanic Rock). If kept in a shady spot in the garden, these carvings will tend to get covered in moss, adding to the natural charm.

Traditional Buddhist stupas in the style of the Borobudur Temple in Central Java. Expertly hand carved out of solid lavastone. There is a hole through the centre of the base so that a light fitting can be installed and used as a lantern.

For the best possible comfort and grip, strap on these real leather hand grips to your existing secateurs. Each packet includes two hand crafted leather grips and three leather laces (one is a spare).

A high quality leather pouch suitable to carry the Premium range of secateurs (A-type and F-type) and the rose shears. The back of the pouch has two studs that enable the pouch to be removed from the belt.

A quality leather pouch to carry your secateurs. The thick leather will create a nice snug fit to prevent secateurs falling out. Not suitable for the 'A' Type Premium secateurs.

From $90.00

Softly flickering garden lights which truly imitate the look and feel of real live flaming torches. The lights give off a warm natural light, perfect for the garden, around a pool, bench, fence, deck, driveway or pathways. Solar powered by the sun.

From $98.00

Quirky little characters made from oil drums and scrap steel.

From $65.00

Quirky little characters made from oil drums and scrap steel.

Quirky little characters made from oil drums and scrap steel.

From $12.00

Organic Xtra is the perfect blend of composted manure, blood & bone, fish meal, seaweed & more – 100% natural and organic, and suitable for the entire garden. Great for any fruiting or flowering plant, particularly the gingers and heliconias.

PondMAX water feature pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality pump for your pond or water feature. PondMAX submersible pumps are high quality statuary pumps with ceramic shafts for long hassle free life.

Perfect secateurs for delicate pruning. Hand forged using hiqh quality carbon steel makes these snips long lasting and a joy to work with. Comfortable leather hand-grips.

These premium quality secateurs are beautifully forged using hiqh quality carbon steel. Hand made by master craftsmen, these secateurs are sure to outlast any other. The handles are leather bound, making them very comfortable and a joy to work with.

These premium quality secateurs are beautifully forged using high quality carbon steel. Hand made by master craftsmen, these secateurs are sure to outlast any other. The handles are leather bound, making them very comfortable and a joy to work with.

A high quality pruning saw with a rubberised hand grip for a comfortable and secure hold. Impulse hardened high quality nickel plated steel blade for longer life. Comes with scabbard which clips onto your belt.

A very rustic natural-look coffee table, side table or plant stand. Made from off-cut pieces of teak and hand-crafted into this lovely free-form little table.

Replacement spring for Premium secateurs (A and F type)

Replacement spring for Tobisho SR-1 secateurs.

From $250.00

These natural riverstone wash basins are a great way to add an earthy element to your bathroom. The highly polished interior surface makes them easy to clean and maintain. Being a natural product, every single piece is unique in colour and shape.

A small natural stone jar with fitted stone lid. 90mm internal diameter. Each one is completely unique in shape and colour.

Root barrier is the best solution for growing bamboo in tight spaces. It effectively stops bamboo roots and rhizomes, preventing the bamboo from growing where it is not wanted.

Root barrier is the best solution for growing bamboo in tight spaces. It effectively stops bamboo roots and rhizomes, preventing the bamboo from growing where it is not wanted.

From $45.00

The classic Japanese 'Shishi-Odoshi' water feature. Originally designed by Japanese to make the 'clunk' sound to scare away deer, wild boars, etc. Shishi-Odoshi actually means 'scare-deer' in Japanese.

Replacement blade for the Gomboy Professional 210mm folding saw.

Replacement blade for the Gomboy Professional 270mm folding saw.

The Nata axe is a very handy tool indeed and something that you almost cannot do without once you get used to it. Clearing underbrush, chopping down small trees, splitting kindling on your camping trip and cleaning off side branches on your bamboo.

Replacement blade for the Tsurugi 300mm saw.

A very solid 100mm thick cross-sectional slab from an Albizia tree. The albizia has the easily identifiable white sapwood and dark ringed core. Legs are steel which gives the table a bit of a modern look.

From $80.00

Solid bamboo poles, screwed and bound to rails. Being solid bamboo poles, these panels are just as nice on the back-side, though the rails are visible.

From $220.00

Beautifully crafted pots made up of small hand-stacked stone pieces with a concrete interior render. Incredible feature pots for predominant positions such as entrances, poolsides and patios.

Cast concrete Ganesha.

Mushroom ornaments for garden or verandah.

Grey coloured stone pot. Single drainage hole in the bottom. Very large and very heavy - $120kg!

A cast concrete sitting Buddha statue.

These sleeping lions make wonderful garden ornaments, either as a pair on both sides of a walkway or driveway, or just a singular one nestled in amongst some plants. If kept in shade, they will moss up as per photos.

From $25.00

Mushrooms masterfully hand-carved from natural teak wood. Best kept under cover to preserve the colour. If kept outside, then they will eventually turn grey.

This is Silky's strongest and fastest cutting telescopic pole saw available on the market today. Perfect for professionals and incredible for home gardeners. Strong, rigid handle with incredible reach.

One of the best pole saws on the market and trusted by professional arborists all over the world. Smooth clean cutting action and super rigid oval shaped poles which provide precise control over the direction of the blade.

Hook accessory for Silky Hayauchi/Hayate/Longboy pole saws. Great for pulling down palm fronds, lifting up or advancing climbing ropes, lifting overhead service wires, lifting up branches to free jammed saws, or to simply hang your pole saw while working.

The SINTUNG lopper head is designed to fit Silky's HAYAUCHI pole. This ratchet operated lopper replaces your HAYAUCHI's blade in just a couple of minutes and offers precise, easy pruning of branches up to 50mm (2-inch) diameter.

Beautifully hand-forged, using traditional techniques handed down through generations. Made from high-carbon Hitachi steel means these secateurs will outlast any other whilst maintaining an exceptionally sharp cutting edge.