Ornaments and garden art

Hand carved lavastone garden lights with laminated glass. The natural and earthy feel of these lights truly complement tropical garden designs.

Hand carved lavastone lanterns. The interior cavity of the lantern is 135 x 135mm so plenty of room for light fittings or live candles within glass vases.

From $150.00

These pagodas are expertly carved from solid lavastone (Volcanic Stone). Being made from natural stone means they will stand the test of time and their appearance will only improve with age. If kept in a shade spot, they tend to get moss growing on them.

From $125.00

Traditional Buddha statues hand carved out of natural lava stone (Volcanic Rock). If kept in a shady spot in the garden, these carvings will tend to get covered in moss, adding to the natural charm.

Super cool solid wood dice. Trendy stools for around a coffee table, children's bedroom, or rumpus room. These are solid timber and incredibly heavy, so don't plan on moving them around too much.