Water Features and Bowls

These pumps are unique and have built in flow adjusters, small internal pre-filters and threaded intake for optional external sponge pre filters. They are ideal for patio ponds, statues, waterfeatures and hydroponics.

Replacement impellor and shaft for the AquaPro AP1050 waterfeature pump.

Novelty bamboo water features with plenty of character! The flowing water turns the wheel which sets the little bamboo man in motion. We have 3 variants - man riding a bike, man rowing boat, and man sawing a log.

PondMAX water feature pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best quality pump for your pond or water feature. PondMAX submersible pumps are high quality statuary pumps with ceramic shafts for long hassle free life.

From $45.00

The classic Japanese 'Shishi-Odoshi' water feature. Originally designed by Japanese to make the 'clunk' sound to scare away deer, wild boars, etc. Shishi-Odoshi actually means 'scare-deer' in Japanese.