Running Bamboo

These are the running (invasive) species of bamboo. Though we dont generally recommend planting these in ground, they do make particularly good pot plants and plantings in narrow planter boxes and troughs. If treated with respect, the running bamboos can make fantastic ornamentals. 

Min.temp: -12°C
Full sun

A nice tidy upright running bamboo which makes fantastic pot plant or planter box specimens. Will usually get to about 2m tall in pots.

Min.temp: -20°C
Full sun

A large running bamboo with excellent quality timber and shoots. Native to China, this species is the most common source of bamboo timber in China for manufacturing and bamboo textiles. Grows best in temperate climates, or cool sub-tropical regions.

Min.temp: -10°C
Full sun to part shade

A beautiful black stemmed running bamboo. A great bamboo for large pots and planter boxes. Grows best in Temperate climates - so best suited to southern parts of Australia.