Schlumbergera truncata 'Lavender Doll' (Zygocactus) - 125mm pot

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A beautiful flowering plant best suited to hanging baskets on patios or indoors. An easy to care for plant which puts on a fantastic display of colour in Autumn and Winter.


Although they are cacti, they are not desert plants; they are epiphytes and therefore depend on others for support, but not nutrition. They come from the jungles of southeast Brazil, a humid area with high rainfall.

Like all epiphytes, schlumbergeras need excellent drainage and do not grow well in garden soil. For best results use a free draining mix such as an orchid mix. Water plants when they are dry, in active growth and in flower. When not in flower they don’t require much water. Fertilise in spring with a complete slow release fertiliser.

To keep plants looking their best, pinch them back after flowering, and occasionally during spring. This will encourage branching and more flowers.

Zygocactus do not like direct sunlight. They flower in response to shortening day-length (actually lengthening nights). They are so sensitive that their normal flowering can be upset if they are grown in areas that get artificial light at nighttime, for example on a balcony near a streetlight or outside light.



Schlumbergera truncata 'Lavender Doll' (Zygocactus) - 125mm pot

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