Bamboo You

Bamboo You Chest and Throat Rub for assistance with congestion, sore throat and runny noses.

The silica in the bamboo extract along with other essential oils will aid the repair of cracked heels and other broken areas of the skin.

Bamboo You Liniment for aches, sprains and tight muscles.

For cuticle repair and strengthening nails. With the richest source of silica known for strengthening nails in combination with our other ingredients that help with skin repair, we know we have Nailed It!

Bamboo You Salve for cuts, grazes and insect bites. This revolutionary Salve contains bamboo extract, high quality essential oils and natural ingredients. This combination gives you a salve to keep handy for those little accidents that occur.

Natural quality ingredients all packed into one jar. The ingredients have the ability to have a calming effect on irritated skin.

Are you having trouble deciding which Tooza Bamboo You product you would like to trial first? Looking for the perfect gift? Your problem is solved! All six Bamboo You products now in one convenient gift pack!