Full sun

One of the most impressive of the large Alcantarea bromeliads. Silver upper-sides of leaves, and dark burgundy red undersides.

30 to 50cm
Full sun to part shade

An ornamental miniature pineapple suitable for growing in brightly lit spots in the garden or pots. Fruits are generally 3 to 5cm.

From $35.00

Part shade

A highly sought after medium sized bromeliad with glossy light green leaves with white margins and heavy pink speckles throughout. Does best in bright filtered light.

From $18.50

Full sun to part shade

A bright red coloured bromeliad that will form clusters of pups. Grow it in bright light for maximum red-hot look. Outstanding in landscape, hanging baskets and will even grow up a tree trunk.

30 to 40cm
Part shade

An outstanding small bromeliad which produces bright pink bracts or quills during summer, with small blue or mauve flowers. Can be grown in pots, atop logs and rocks, or as a ground cover in part shade areas (protected from hot afternoon sun).