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Min.temp: Tolerates light frosts
Full sun to shade

A large strappy leafed plant that grows naturally around fresh water creeks, rivers, lakes and moist gullies. The lomandra hystrix is drought tolerant and hardy, but will look best with occasional watering during dry periods of the year.

Part shade / Shade

An evergreen perennial plant producing a cluster of leaves from the roots and growing about 1 m tall. It produces very small, non-scented, yellow flowers year around. The plant is sometimes gathered from the wild for the fibre obtained from its leaves.

Min.temp: Tolerates light frost
Full sun

An ornamental grass with burgundy foliage and long feathery flowers held high above the foliage. Best grown in full sun to get the good red colour.

Full sun to part shade

Perennial grass with flat, arching, green and white striped leaf blades. Will quickly colonize and serve as a dense, weed-free ground cover in areas where invasiveness in not a concern.

30 to 40cm
Full sun to part shade

A compact and bushy small grass, excellent for edging around rock gardens and is especially good around ponds where it gets plenty of water.

Full sun to part shade

A nice soft grass which grows in tight clumps. Great for borders, rock gardens, around ponds and water-features.

2.5 to 3.5m
Min.temp: -2°C
Full sun to part shade

A beautiful plant that looks like bamboo but is actually a perennial grass. It is very tight clumping which makes it a good screener or feature plant.

10 to 20cm
Min.temp: Tolerates some frost once established
Full sun to part shade

A fantastic fine leafed grass which makes excellent ground covers, especially around rocks and ponds, as well as plantings between stepping stones. Its low growing growth habit and sometimes wavy appearance makes it a great architectural plant.