Tour groups & Functions

The gardens and facilities are great for all sorts of tour groups and clubs from garden club field days to bus tour stopovers. It is completely free for all groups to visit Bamboo Land.

  • Bus tour groups
  • Garden Clubs
  • Car and motorcycle clubs
  • Pensioner groups
  • Nursing home day trips
  • Family gatherings

Guided tours can be arranged for large groups (20 or more).  Tours will include a short walk around the gardens, with some talks about how bamboo grows, what it's good for (timber, shoots, textiles), and how to look after it. Depending on the season, there will also be a multitude of gingers and heliconias in flower and available for viewing. For large groups/tours, please book-in at least a few days before.

Phone (07) 4129 4470 for group bookings.

Visitors / groups are welcome to bring their own food, drinks, picnics, etc.  Espresso coffees, tea, drinks and ice-creams are available to buy.