In Chinese cultures, bamboo has long been regarded as a highly spiritual plant representing tranquility, success and longevity. Being surrounded by this plant, these qualities would be reflected to ones life.

success and longevity...

Believing in symbology or not, being surrounded by bamboo on your wedding day cant possibly be a bad thing. To put it simply.... what more could you want than a lush tropical garden as a backdrop for your wedding. The bamboo gardens create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere which everyone is sure to enjoy. The gardens are guaranteed to be tidy and clean before an event. It is then the responsibility of the organisers to set up chairs, stages, PA, etc.

The charge for holding a wedding ceremony at Bamboo Land starts from $350, which includes:

  • Offstreet parking for up to 30 cars
  • Power for PA, lighting, music, etc.
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet

Available at extra cost:

  • Depending on season, flower arrangements of heliconias and / or gingers
  • Bamboo structures, arches, vases, etc.
  • Receptions