Garden lighting

High quality solar spot lights perfect for lighting up gardens and pathways, around pools and barbecue areas. Being solar powered they are quick and easy to install - no wiring or expensive transformers and ofcourse zero running costs. Beam is adjustable.

Hand carved lavastone garden lights with laminated glass. The natural and earthy feel of these lights truly complement tropical garden designs.

Hand carved lavastone lanterns. The interior cavity of the lantern is 135 x 135mm so plenty of room for light fittings or live candles within glass vases.

From $30.00

Softly flickering garden lights which truly imitate the look and feel of real live flaming torches. The lights give off a warm natural light, perfect for the garden, around a pool, bench, fence, deck, driveway or pathways. Solar powered by the sun.

Add some colour accent to your garden with these high quality solar powered spotlights. These lights create an a amazing effect when used to light up clumps of bamboo - direct them towards each other to create a rainbow of colours or keep them separate.

High quality solar powered security lights which provide low ambient light all night, and once motion is detected the light will turn to to bright light for 30 seconds. Covers up to 5m. No wiring, no running cost, easy to install.