Natural stone

Luxury baths and washbasins, hand carved out of a solid river stone with an unbelievably smooth interior finish. These will last forever! Accessorize with riverstone vases and bowls.

This bath is a bit different to the others in that the sides are quite sloping and less upright, which makes for a more laid back sitting position. Very comfortable and relaxing. Nicely rounded edges and perfectly smooth finish.

A comfortable and luxurious medium sized bath. The outer surfaces are quite rounded and soft, which really emphasizes the natural boulder shape that the bath is carved from.

From $250.00

These natural riverstone wash basins are a great way to add an earthy element to your bathroom. The highly polished interior surface makes them easy to clean and maintain. Being a natural product, every single piece is unique in colour and shape.

A small natural stone jar with fitted stone lid. 90mm internal diameter. Each one is completely unique in shape and colour.