Natural stone

Luxury baths and washbasins, hand carved out of a solid river stone with an unbelievably smooth interior finish. These will last forever! Accessorize with riverstone vases and bowls.

A beautifully elegant bath with a natural rough edge. The rough edge makes this bath really feel like it fits in within a natural setting. Stone is light grey in colour with some small blemishes.

A very long and narrow bath - very comfortable for two people. Light grey interior and earthy light brown coloured exterior.

A perfectly symmetrical oval shaped bath which is very comfortable for 2 people. Long and narrow.

This bath is carved from a very high quality boulder with absolutely no imperfections on blemishes in the stone. Long enough to fit two people, but also quite wide. The outside (especially on one side) is red ochre in colour with a nice smooth surface.

An absolutely flawless stone bath carved out of a high quality dark coloured boulder. This bath is a bit wider than most. The overall size, dark coloured stone, and flawless finish makes this bath a real stand out.

An absolutely stunning flawless bath with an unusual wavy pattern in one end. Quite a wide rounded bath which is still long enough to fit two people in.

From $250.00

These natural riverstone wash basins are a great way to add an earthy element to your bathroom. The highly polished interior surface makes them easy to clean and maintain. Being a natural product, every single piece is unique in colour and shape.

A small natural stone jar with fitted stone lid. 90mm internal diameter. Each one is completely unique in shape and colour.