The massive Big Boy 360mm folding made by Silky in Japan is perfect for camping and four-wheel driving enthusiasts or pruning large tree branches around the house and garden. A big saw able to tackle medium to large branches. Incredible cutting capacity.

Holster for the Silky BigBoy 2000 folding saw.

A folding saw with large teeth particularly suited to fast and aggressive cutting of branches.

A robust and high quality general purpose pruning saw. This is a genuine best-seller with aggressive yet smooth cutting action. Straight bladed saws are better for cutting in and amongst tight growth; particularly well suited to thinning out bamboo.

A high quality pocket sized folding saw available in 4 different tooth sizes. Pocket Boys are supplied in a perspex carry case that can be clipped to the belt.

Double holster for secateurs and folding saws 270-300mm.

Brilliant general purpose pruning saw for the professional user or home gardener. Includes new style hold fast scabbard with rollers to lock your Gomtaro in place.

The ZÜBAT Professional is one of Silky's most popular curved pruning saws; suitable for all pruning and trimming tasks, including cutting large branches. Curved saws work exceptionally well when cutting above your shoulders or below the waist.

The Nata axe is a very handy tool indeed and something that you almost cannot do without once you get used to it. Clearing underbrush, chopping down small trees, splitting kindling on your camping trip and cleaning off side branches on your bamboo.

One of the best pole saws on the market and trusted by professional arborists all over the world. Smooth clean cutting action and super rigid oval shaped poles which provide precise control over the direction of the blade.

Hook accessory for Silky Hayauchi/Hayate/Longboy pole saws. Great for pulling down palm fronds, lifting up or advancing climbing ropes, lifting overhead service wires, lifting up branches to free jammed saws, or to simply hang your pole saw while working.