Bambusa oldhamii

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A very hardy and fast growing bamboo which forms dense upright clumps. Good for windbreaks and privacy screens and produces great edible shoots.

Synonyms (AKA): Oldham's Bamboo, Sweet Shoot Bamboo, Giant Timber Bamboo


Typical height: 15 to 18m
Typical culm diameter: 10cm
Minimum temperature tolerance: -9°C
Climate: Very cold tolerant. Grows well anywhere in Australia
Light conditions: Full sun to part shade
Growth habit: Upright, bushy
Growing conditions: Moist, well drained soil. Keep well mulched.
Origin: China


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Bambusa oldhamii - 3 litre bag Bambusa oldhamii - 3 litre bag
Typical height 1m
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Bambusa oldhamii - 300mm pot Bambusa oldhamii - 300mm pot
Typical height 2m
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Bambusa oldhamii - 45 litre bag Bambusa oldhamii - 45 litre bag
Typical height 3m
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Bambusa oldhamii - 200 litre bag Bambusa oldhamii - 200 litre bag
Typical height 3 - 3.5m


A very hardy and fast growing plant. Forms a dense upright clump, making it ideal for windbreaks and privacy screens.

For farmers and land owners wanting a tall 'wall of bamboo', this bamboo is the number one choice. Will grow to full height (18m) in about 5 years. As a windbreak, this bamboo is best planted at 2 to 3 meters between plants. Each clump can get to a couple of meters in diameter, so the plants should be planted about 1.5m or 2m away from fencelines.

Grown commercially for its great edible shoots.

For further growing information, tips and tricks, check out our Planting and Growing Growing Bamboo Guide.



Bambusa oldhamii - 3 litre bag

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Bambusa oldhamii - 300mm pot

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Bambusa oldhamii - 45 litre bag

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Bambusa oldhamii - 200 litre bag

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Great products!

By: on 28 December 2020
Bought this variety (and others) 2 years ago, in the small size. Not lying when they say it's a quick grower! The plants are now reaching up above height of neighbor's 2-storey house, with the clump still only about 600-700mm wide. Beautiful dense foliage and color.

Bamboo in Adelaide

By: on 23 April 2020
Our bamboo shipment arrived in Adelaide yesterday and we are so happy with the plants. Firstly I couldn't believe how the plants all fit in the one box, very impressive and compact. I was a bit worried we may have some broken plants but it didn't take long for them to spring straight back up again. We planted the Oldhamii Bamboo along our fence line to create a screen and some privacy from our neighbours (as much as we love them) I cannot wait for it to start taking shape - Thank you Bamboo Land!

Beautiful Plants

By: on 12 September 2016
I highly recommend Bamboo Land for all your bamboo needs. We have purchased the Bambusa Oldhamii and the plant is thriving and healthy. The customer service was excellent. Janne is very knowledgeable and easy to talk too.

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