How will my plants be delivered? What will it cost?

Sending live plants in a large country such as Australia, can be a challenge. But rest assured, we have dedicated staff on hand to see to it that your plants are sent by the most appropriate method, ensuring the plants get to you in a timely manner, without damage.

The shipping costs generally work out quite a bit cheaper on large quantities of plants (full pallets) on a per plant basis, where as small orders of just one or two plants can end up costing just as much in freight as the actual cost of the plants. Though we dont have any minimum order quantities, keep in mind that freigth costs can be proportionally high for small order volumes. As mentioned previously, you are always free to cancel order at any time.

For a more detailed run-down on our shipping methods, please refer to our delivery guide (

If for some reason things do go wrong and your plants get delivered in poor health, then we will either arrange for a refund or arrange for replacement plants to be sent to you. In the event of such an occurance, you must let us know within 24 hours of the plants being delivered, as we cannot accept responsibility of the plants well-being beyond this period of time.