Mikaela Cannon

Author: Mikaela Cannon   Date Posted:2 February 2009 

I have enjoyed my time at bambooland tremendously. it has been amazing to walk among the bamboo giants in the park and it's been inspiring to plant the small shoots and see them grow.

The afternoons here have been very creative and there seem to be no end to things you can make out of bamboo.

the atmosphere in this place is comfortable and the evenings are great fun as everyone cooks and eats and socialize together. If you are interested in learning and open for new experiences you will find bambooland a nice oasis.

To be able to use the tropical looking pool after a sweaty workday didn't make the time any worse;)
had an awesome time and would love to come back in the future and see what new creations and new plants there will be in the park.

all the best in the future

lots of light


Nationality: Swedish
Length of stay: 1 month