Zamia integrifolia

A very compact and shrubby cycad from Southern USA and Caribbean Islands. This cycad doesn't get a trunk like most other cycads, but it will however form a dense clump over time making it a great filler or border plant in a garden.

Synonyms (AKA): Florida Arrowroot, Coontie Palm, Wild Sago


Typical height: Up to 1m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Sub-tropical to Temperate in frost free zones
Climate: Prefers tropical or sub-tropical climates
Light conditions: Part shade
Growth habit: Clumping
Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil
Flowers: Cones
Origin: Southern USA and Caribbean


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Zamia integrifolia - 180mm squat pot Zamia integrifolia - 180mm squat pot
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Zamia integrifolia - 250mm squat pot Zamia integrifolia - 250mm squat pot


Because of its high drought tolerance and moderate salt tolerance, the Coontie Palm is an excellent choice for the coastal landscape.

The zamia integrifolia is very tough and generally easy to grow. Although it usually looks best in part sun or dappled shade, Zamia integrifolia is capable of growing in full sun or even full shade if it’s watered appropriately (more water in sun, less in shade). 

Don't let it get overly wet or root rot may set in. Too little light can also negatively affect it - bright, dappled light is best.

Zamia integrifolia produces male and female cones during Summer on separate plants. The female cone are large and orange-browny colour and contain red seeds. The male cones are smaller, a duller colour and grow in clusters, these produce the pollen. T



Zamia integrifolia - 180mm squat pot

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Zamia integrifolia - 250mm squat pot

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