Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong)

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A fast growing Australian rainforest tree bearing distinctive blue edible fruits. The Blue Quandong has a large buttressed trunk with vertically flat visible roots which are as much a feature as the actual tree.

Synonyms (AKA): Blue Marble Tree, Elaeocarpus angustifolius


Typical height: 35m
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates some frost
Climate: Best suited to subtropical climate
Light conditions: Full sun
Growth habit: Upright, spreading canopy
Growing conditions: Moist
Flowers: March to June
Origin: Australia


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Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 2 litre pot Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 2 litre pot
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Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 300mm pot Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 300mm pot


The Blue Quandong is an excellent pioneering tree. It will grow quickly, usually reaching 5 or 6 meters in only a few years. Mature trees can get to 30m+ with quite an open canopy that allows some light through to the shorter understory, making it the ideal tree for establishing lush topical undertstory plantings underneath. It is usually too large a tree for smaller suburban gardens, but definately a must-have for larger acreage blocks and parks.

The trees are usually nice and straight, with highly regarded hard white timber. The trees tend to flower from March to June with fruits forming in Spring. Leaves are a dark green, with old leaves turning bright red before falling. Small , white flowers are produced between March and June, followed by the easily recognisable bright blue fruits in Spring. Fruits attract birds.

This tree usually grows beside rivers and creeks in the subtropical rainforests of Queensland, Northern Territory and northern parts of NSW.

The fruit usually get to which usually get to 25 to 30mm in diameter and can be used in jams and pickles. Separate the fruit’s bright blue skin from the green flesh. The fruit is best when slightly over-ripe and soft, or it can taste quite bitter. Inside is a rough, woody stone containing up to five seeds.

Amongst Australian Aboriginal people, Quandongs were much valued for their medicinal properties. They would traditionally make an edible paste of the ripe fruit. It is often referred to as the Wild Peach, Desert Peach or Native Peach.

Quandongs have a vitamin C content higher than oranges.



Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 2 litre pot

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Elaeocarpus grandis (Blue Quandong) - 300mm pot

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Love these trees

By: on 22 August 2021
Cannot recommend these trees enough. Absolutely beautiful, attracts all sorts of birds and critters. The buttress roots make great walls for “bush” cubby houses. Also great to plant a few in a rental yard if your landlords aren’t being reasonable.

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